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Candy Stripes

“We are for the abled by the differently abled”

DRZYA, pronounced as Drishya (vision), aims to change how society views the differently abled talent. DRZYA is NOT an event management company. DRZYA identifies differently abled talent from across the country, trains them, wherever required, mentors them, identifies suitable platforms for them. DRZYA provides wholesome, inspirational entertainment to the society as a whole through its amazing and unique differently abled artist panel.  DRZYA, through its events, has also received several awards, such as the Indira Diversity Award (2023), among many others. Our mission is spearheaded by Founder and Managing Director Geeta Poduval – a social entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, former Govt. officer, actress, motivational speaker, and trainer.

Introducing DRZYA

The Beginning of a Saga called DRZYA

DRZYA took birth in September 2017 as a proprietary firm. It is India’s first firm that brings differently abled talent in India and abroad on a single platform. DRZYA has spread its wings across India through its 155 events and has a strong panel of over 100 differently abled artists.

Our Mission

DRZYA is dedicated to empowering society through differently abled artists and achievers. We at Team Drzya change how society gets entertained, inspired, and educated.

How We Work

DRZYA identifies and collaborates with differently abled artists from across the country and abroad, event organizations, corporates, cultural associations, educational institutions and sponsors to create unique experiences that resonate with authenticity and inclusivity. Our events foster connections, challenge perceptions, and leave a forever lasting impact.

Why Should You Choose DRZYA?

In alignment with industry leaders such as Adani Electricity,  National Thermal Power Corporation, Maharashtra Police Training Academy, TALLY Solutions, Symbiosis (Pune), Indira Group of Institutions, and Mahindra First Choice, our proven track record demonstrates the satisfaction of those who have entrusted us. Now, consider choosing us for the following reasons:

  • Choosing us makes you a part of a movement that celebrates diversity, challenges stereotypes, and brings people together through art.

  • Our events create lasting memories, inspire change, and showcase the incredible abilities of the differently abled artists.

  • Our transformational sessions bring out, the hidden capabilities of the abled, showcasing the better version of every abled participant.

  • Our artist panel represents a spectrum of abilities, each contributing unique talents to the cultural landscape of the country.

  •  From musicians to visual artists, DRZYA embraces limitless potential within every differently abled individual.


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