These popular, special, unique and extremely talented performers can light up ANY occasion with their unique talent and abilities.
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Differently Abled Performers – India


Estela Lapponi is an actress, dancer, creator / performer, choreographer, artistic director, producer and Brazilian video artist.

Since 2006 the main areas of her artistic research as an independent artist have covered:

  • The speech/presence of a body with disability
  • Performing practice and relational work
  • Integration within the performing and visual arts

Unique / Differently Abled Performers – Outside India


Epic Encounters is the first and only fully inclusive dance company in South East Asia.
This Cambodian company employs talented performers non-disabled, deaf or have a physical disability.

  • Differently abled performance from Cambodia
  • Apsara dance from Cambodia
  • Kabuki Dance from Japan
  • Adumu dance of Africa
  • Barong dance of Indonesia
  • Ukranian belly dance
  • Bulgarian folk dance
  • Irish traditional dance form
  • Traditional dance form of Thailand
  • Botswana cultural performance
  • Huli Vesha of Karnataka
  • Choliya of Uttarakhand
  • Nati dance of Himachal Pradesh
  • Ghoomar dance of Rajasthan
  • Domni from West Bengal etc.