Birth Of Drzya

DRZYA started with the dream of one sensitive yet enterprising woman – Geeta Poduval. She dreamt of bringing change and creating impact on the lives of people through unique art forms, bringing forth performances of people who overcame life challenges by discovering the power of creativity, truly inspiring stories of achievers against all odds, art forms that speak of the deep rooted culture of the land, but hardly got an opportunity to be showcased. She believes, each of these has some valuable lesson for the mankind and these must be made accesible to everyone.

Therefore, DRZYA! Creating experiences through events, talks and workshops – experiences that will change lives forever. It opens the doors for people to enter into the colourful and vast world of art forms which otherwise would have remained hidden, inaccessible and unknown.

What Is Drzya

Drzya is a firm with a purpose. It changes the way people enjoy, learn and act in everyday life. DRZYA’s ideal – LISTEN, LEARN and CELEBRATE aims at building a society that promotes empathy and compassion by bringing performances and performers who make a difference through their art, ability and experiences.
The 3Es – Entertainment, Education and Encouragement – is at the heart of DRZYA’s unique services and initiatives. These drive the ideals of DRZYA that it firmly stands for.
DRZYA’s offerings have something for each section of the society – be it individuals, corporate, community, educational institutions, social organisations.

Why Drzya

  • DRZYA is NOT an event management company but offers services to even event management companies in identifying client needs and offering customized unique performances and performers.
  • DRZYA is a firm with a purpose. DRZYA aims to bring best of unique and special performers, speakers and achievers on board to fill the gap between the demand and supply for unique and accomplished speakers.
  • DRZYA provides solutions in easing the efforts of corporate in identifying CSR.
  • DRZYA aims to change the way people enjoy, learn and act in everyday life.
  • DRZYA is the only company that changes mind-sets building empathy, efficiency, productivity in respective fields through entertainment and unique learning.

Drzya also extends its hand to:


Skill building workshops through
visual arts; three-pronged strategy of
entertainment, inspiration and benevolence
thus meeting their CSR needs

Community & Social Organisations

Providing unique art forms and
performances from not only India
but, across the world

Educational Institutions

Inspirational speakers and
workshops to build empathy and
responsibility in the present
and future generation